Big-box retailers and real estate developers are concerned with safety, security, code requirements, and production costs when choosing commercial fence and walls for their projects. Our systems rank among the most adaptable, cost-efficient, and commercially accepted in the market. Our panels are manufactured with finishes on BOTH sides, providing an attractive view from every angle, and installation is faster than traditionally Hand-Laid stone/block/brick.


For land parcels, developments, retail locations, utilities, schools, parks, pools, waste management facilities and more. Available in a variety of standard heights, our pre-cast concrete is a dense building material with reflective sound properties, noise reduction and sight-line barriers. Easy to install around the perimeter of any municipal project, the panels are also easily removed in the event that access is needed.


With our changing world, critical infrastructure must be protected and there is no better material than concrete. Most security walls typically start at heights of eight feet and higher. When taller walls are required, precast concrete fences become much more competitive than masonry block, due to the added cost differential of continuous foundations required for concrete block security walls versus the added cost of spaced out caisson footing required for precast concrete security walls. Additionally, precast concrete walls install faster than hand laid masonry.

Often, industrial screen walls will incorporate additional items on top such as barbed wire and razor ribbon to deter people from climbing over and entering facilities. Other security components such as lighting and cameras are also used. Solid concrete walls are rapidly becoming the necessary choice for added protection.


Pre-cast screen walls provide a greater level of seclusion and protection than standard fence systems. While fence wall height is a primary criteria for privacy screen fences, those who have pre-cast concrete screen walls appreciate the related benefits: beauty, safety and noise-reduction. Additionally, since both sides are patterned, there is no unsightly back side to the finished project. It is beautiful from the homeowner’s view, and from the street-side view.


Ranch Rail offers the look of a “Traditional Wood Split Rail” fencing, without all the upkeep. Our Ranch Rail has the durability and maintenance free qualities of concrete. (available in 2 rail or 3 rail configurations)