How are they made?

A Sciment wall is made from 5000psi high strength concrete, with steel reinforcement. Poured in a proprietary vertical forming system, the fence/wall is patterned on both sides.

What textures are available?

We have a variety of Stone, Brick and Block textures available including Ashlar, Ledgestone, Stacked Stone, SplitFace CMU, and Brick.

How is the fence/wall colored?

The fence/wall is stained using a water based colored concrete sealer with virtually unlimited color options.

Where can I see this product?

Sciment products has a mobile display, arrangements can be made to bring it to your job site, office, or municipal location.

How much does it cost?

A variety of factors contribute to the overall price, such as material costs, installation factors, location proximity etc. However, a concrete fence/wall is a cost- and time- effective alternative to traditional hand-laid products.