Screen Wall

The dictionary of Architecture & Landscape Architecture defines a Screen Wall as: ” A solid unperforated wall hiding something…” A Sciment Screen Wall is so much more!

Single Panel Screen Walls are vertically cast as one piece, combining the column and panel into a single, monolithic unit, making a superior product structurally and simplifying fence wall installation dramatically. Decorative form liners provide the same texture on both sides.

Single Panel Screen Walls are installed using a proprietary Rigid Footing Support System, with drilled pier footings spaced at 15 foot on center. The Rigid Footing Support System uses a structural steel “I Beam” support providing strength and stability for each of the wall sections. The Rigid Footing Support System offers 5 major benefits:

  • Single Panel Screen Wall sections bear completely on pier/footings, eliminating settlement cracks or slippage due to ground shift.
  • The Rigid Footing Support System requires less mitigation as the caisson design allows for the natural flow of water across the property, critical to some environmentally sensitive areas.
  • The Rigid Support provides for immediate stabilization of each section as it is installed, eliminating the need for grouting or bracing, this increases installation speed and provides greater safety over other pre-cast masonry products.
  • Underground utilities are more easily circumvented.
  • Single Panel Screen Wall Sections are easy to remove or replace if necessary. A damaged section may be lifted out and replaced without any impact on the adjacent wall sections. Sections may also be removed allowing for the installation of temporary or permanent site access.

Superintendents who have used the Single Panel Screen Wall System have indicated to us that our wall has gone up in half the time of a comparable CMU wall. Our system requires minimal manpower to complete, on average 300-400 feet of pre-cast wall sections can be installed weekly. With time on the job-site being
more and more critical, the Single Panel Concrete Screen Wall System offers a substantial value-added approach to perimeter security and sound wall installation.